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24 Hours Gynaecologist Doctors
We are reputed Gynaecologists offering the best and trusted services, functioning all day and night.
Adiana System
Adiana system is a method of contraception that avoids unwanted pregnancies. Become sterile today!
Ambulance Service
We provide quick and immediate ambulance service at reasonable rates. Get in touch for more details.
Through this procedure, you can determine the sex of your child. This test is carried out in prenatal stage.
Caesarean Section
Cervical Cerclage
Cervical Cerclage is a surgical procedure of sewing the cervix during pregnancy due to cervical incompetency.
Contraception Advice
Are you confused about conceiving your baby? Our experts provide advice regard all your contraceptive needs.
Our qualified and skilled doctors excel in performing Cordocentesis procedure and deliver reliable results.
Dilatation And Curettage
Diseases In Pregnancy
Skilled staff and latest techniques enable us to diagnose and treat the diseases that occur during pregnancy.
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